Laughter is contagious and it can make you feel good. When you want to have fun, there are many places where you can enjoy comedy and laughter. Below you’ll learn about some of the most popular ways that you can laugh it up with comedy shows.

Stand-up Comedy Shows

When you watch a stand-up comedian perform live, you’ll be laughing with the rest of the audience in the venue. A comedian of this genre will stand on stage and entertain the crowd with jokes and humorous sto-ries.


You can laugh at the characters and story lines on these funny television shows called sitcoms. Most sit-coms are 30 minutes long, while others may last for one hour. During this time, the actors and actresses of the show will be involved in some sort of humorous debacle.

Comedy Clubs

At a comedy club, you can laugh with other audience members as you watch stand-up comedians per-form. A comedy club venue is often a nightclub or restaurant, so you can go there to eat, relax, and watch the show.

Comedy Competitions

These competitions take place in various cities around the world and you will laugh with the comedians who are vying for a prize. These competitions can last for several hours, so you’ll be entertained for a long time.

Open Mic Nights

During open mic night at a club, anyone can get up to the microphone and perform for the crowd. Per-formers will usually have to register ahead of time for a time slot and each performer has a certain amount of time to do his or her act. You’ll be able to laugh at the jokes of aspiring comedians, which in turn gives him or her feedback on their performance.
So, what are you waiting for? With so many choices available, you’ll be able to laugh it up as often as you’d like.