Hi and welcome to my comedy blog. My name is Brandon Michaels and I’m a comedian. I do stand-up comedy at local clubs and I’ve even entered a few comedy competitions. I’ve loved making people laugh ever since I was a small boy. As a child, I would go up to strangers in the supermarket and tell jokes.
I would watch comedians on television and learn from them. I would study their actions, their facial ex-pressions, and their timing. I would watch to see which jokes got the most laughs and how to relate to the audience.
When I was old enough, I started going to a club that had an open mic night. There I could tell my jokes to people other than my family and friends. This helped me to become a better comedian because I could actually perform in front of a real audience.
I wrote this blog to educate others about comedy. People can be so serious about life and sometimes it’s good to just let go and laugh. In my blog, I’ve written about some of the places where you can go to catch some great comedy acts. I’ve also included a piece about the different types of comedy genres. Last but not least, I’ve discussed some of the greatest comedians of all times and their specialties.
Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you find laughter everywhere you go.